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The Connecticut Economic Gardening Group (CT-EGG)


Provides business services to small- and medium-sized companies in Connecticut.

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If you are looking for market research and networking opportunities in Connecticut.


The Connecticut Economic Gardening Group (CT-EGG) concept was created to provide a wide variety of business services to small- and medium-sized companies in Connecticut (startups to companies with revenues less than $500 million). The CT-EGG will be established as a not-for-profit business entity, 501(c)6.

The concept is designed to leverage a collaborative group of private, public and academic resources to provide these services in support of Connecticut business development initiatives, realizing that sustaining a robust and vibrant state economy is largely dependent on job growth and an ability to compete in the global market environment.

We are currently working in partnership with faculty members at the Barney School of Business at the University of Hartford.


  • Competitive and Business Analysis -- Information on market trends, customers, competitors, emerging technologies, regulatory issues and socio-political developments.
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Innovative Business Practices -- Using library and university resources, the EG initiative can develop training programs for both business owners and employees to improve business performance.
  • Additional Business Services -- Small businesses may require additional business services, such as legal, marketing, sales, accounting and human resources or other administrative functions. CT-EGG can act as a clearinghouse, helping to identify and procure these resources for small businesses.


  • Company revenues less than $500 million.

Contact Info

Contact: Fred Wergeles

State: CT


Website: The Connecticut Economic Gardening Group (CT-EGG)







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