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Cheney & Company New Haven Office


Rental properties on the East Coast.

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If you are looking for rentel property on the east coast.


Ask any of our residents, and they'll tell you that what really separates The Cheney Companies from other companies is our service. It's always quick. It's always friendly. And it's the cornerstone of our entire business. We offer our residents:

Four full-time maintenance technicians to quickly handle any problems

24-hour emergency service to handle all the late-night what ifs

Snow removal from walkways and driveways as soon as possible so you can get where you need to go

24-hour drop-off box and pay online options so you can pay your rent in the most convenient way for you

But our service also extends beyond what you'd expect from a rental company. For us, service also means being flexible. Ask us about our home-buyer program for flexibility if you are considering a home purchase. And if you find you can't fulfill the terms of your lease, we offer a re-rent assistance program to help you. Of course, as long-time local residents ourselves, we can help you with all the important questions when you move to the area (like where to get the best pizza and which bars have the best bands). Experience it yourself. Contact us today and let us show you why The Cheney Companies is a cut above the rest.

Contact Info

Contact: Carol L. Cheney

Street: 20 Grand avenue

City: New Haven

State: CT

Zip: 06513

Phone: 203-562-7719

Website: The Cheney Companies







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