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Tax Incentives (DECD)


Numerous business tax credits, tax exemptions, and tax abatements are available to support business investment

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Identify business tax incentives that will impact the bottom line and improve long-term competitiveness.


Connecticut offers tax incentives, such as credits, exemptions and  abatements, as a means of encouraging business investment.  Although most incentives are offered by the State, many municipalities offer offer property tax incentives based on certain levels of capital investment.


DECD's Office of Business and Industry Development helps companies identify specific tax incentives that will positively impact the bottom line and improve long-term competitiveness. 

Contact Info

Contact: Sheila Hummel

Street: 505 Hudson Street

City: Hartford

State: CT

Zip: 06106

Phone: 860-270-8105


Website: Department of Economic and Community Development







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