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Department of Revenue Services (DRS)


Whether starting, expanding or closing a business and/or hiring employees, businesses have many tax obligations to the DRS. This DRS offers a wealth of knowledge online, toll free as well as offers local offices to meet with a taxpayer specialist.

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If you need to understand your state business and individual tax obligations.


The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) assists individuals, businesses and tax professionals to understand and adhere to Connecticut tax law voluntarily.


The agency offers detailed information online as well as online services to not only educate taxpayers about their requirements but also to file as a business entity, various tax types, as an employer as well as reporting taxes. State tax credits for business are also available.


An individual, business or tax professional seeking taxpayer information and assistance.

Contact Info

Street: 450 Columbus Boulevard

City: Hartford

State: CT

Zip: 06103

Phone: 860-297-5962 or 800-382-9463


Website: Department of Revenue Services







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