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Connecticut Maritime Association, Inc.


Membership association supporting and advocating for Connecticut's maritime industry

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If your maritime shipping business is seeking an association that advocates among those in the shipping industry


A membership and volunteer based organization which provides it members in the maritime industry a forum to exchange information through seminars/lectures, events and training opportunities.


Services include:

  • Luncheons featuring speakers and networking
  • Newsletters to keep members informed
  • Job Mart to access employment in the industry
  • Sporting events
  • Annual conference and trade show drawing world wide interest
  • Scholarships and interns through the CMA Education Foundation


Must be a member.

Contact Info

Street: 100 First Stamford Place, 6th Floor

City: Stamford

State: CT

Zip: 06902

Phone: 203-406-0109 ext. 3717


Website: Connecticut Maritime Association







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