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Lerna Consulting, LLC


Helps research groups to improve their research programs and individual projects.

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If you are looking to improve your research program or individual project.


Lerna is the place where Hercules defeated with his famous club the poisonous, multi-headed serpent Hydra and its ally the Crab. My son saw this victory as an allegory for defeating cancer because the name of this disease means "crab" in Latin and because cancer is as difficult to defeat as was the Hydra. Given this allegory and that killing the Hydra required an assistant, we thought that Lerna Consulting is an apt name for a company whose goal is to assist cancer researchers or anyone who is interested in finding ways to defeat this disease, or is funding this effort.

The battle of Lerna is also an allegory for defeating the difficulties we face in our lives. To this end, I can help you by advising how to give killer presentations and, as someone who is familiar with the ups and downs of life in science from experience, by discussing with you your concerns to help you make your decisions, whether you are a scientist or are considering becoming one.


  • Research evaluation and troubleshooting
  • Research evaluation for funders
  • Improving your presentation skills
  • Life in science advice

Contact Info

Contact: Yuri Lazebnik

Street: 853 Orange St.

City: New Haven

State: CT

Zip: 06511

Phone: 631-375-3048


Website: Lerna Consulting, LLC







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