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CURE: Bioscience Clubhouse


A large Connecticut bioscience network to serve the needs of entrepreneurs, universities and companies alike.

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If you are looking for networking in the bioscience field.


BioCT serves as the bioscience cluster of Connecticut, a diverse community of small and large life and healthcare sciences companies, ranging in scope from therapeutics, to healthcare technology, to medical devices. Universities, government agencies, scientists, educators, mentors, students, entrepreneurs, business experts, service providers and investors join in to form the breadth of the network. As participants in BioCT, we educate, cultivate entrepreneurship, support the build of bioscience companies and collaborate to ensure a sustainable, high-value bioscience and healthcare community that improves our quality of life and keeps the Connecticut community strong.


  • CURE provides access to large and small companies, university technology and experts, service providers who focus on support of the life science community.
  • CURE is a portal connecting entrepreneurs to experienced mentors, business development know-how, possible funding avenues and a community.
  • Educational services include specialized programming as well as one-on-one teach-ins to mentor, train and generally inform the community about the life and health science fields.


A passionate commitment to joining in the Connecticut life and health science community is essential.

Contact Info

Contact: Susan Froshauer

Street: 760 Chapel Street

City: New Haven

State: CT

Zip: 06510

Phone: 203-470-2720


Website: CURE: Bioscience Clubhouse







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