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Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge


Entrepreneurial competition held by Sikorsky Innovations to identify and support emerging, revolutionary technology in the rotorcraft market.

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If you are looking for a corporate challenge focused on the rotorcraft industry.


An opportunity for entrepreneurial companies to connect with Sikorsky Innovations and identify some issues facing the vertical flight community.


The winning team from each Challenge will receive:

  • One year of free utilization of a predetermined space (anticipated to be able to seat two to four people) within the new Stamford Innovation Center.
  • One year of free access to new Stamford Innovation Center (Stamford iCenter) shared business services, mentoring programs, and education programs and events.
  • Participation in a rolling, three-month-long Sikorsky education program, designed to provide both technical and business strategy guidance.


  • The team may not consist of more than 10 full-time employees.
  • The team may not have annual revenues in excess of $5 million.
  • Each team must have at least one full-time employee working on the technology.
  • The product or technology the team is offering for consideration provides a functionality or capability not currently available in any off-the-shelf product.
  • The product or technology the team is offering for consideration represents original ideas wholly owned or licensed by the team.
  • The team is willing to relocate not less than two of its members (unless the submission is a sole person) full time to the Innovation Center to participate in-person within the Sikorsky incubator.
  • By the time of the final-round presentation, the team has formed a recognized, legal entity for the company structure.

Contact Info

City: Stratford

State: CT

Phone: 1-800-946-4337

Website: The Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge







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