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TechXel Stamford


TechXel Stamford is a new enterprise technology accelerator in Fairfield County, CT.

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If you are an early stage enterprise technology venture seeking pre-seed funding check out TechXel Stamford.


TechXel is the first enterprise accelerator is Fairfield County. It's mission is to prepare CT early stage enterprise technology ventures to compete for the shrinking pool of US pre-revenue -seed stage- funding. In 2015 only $11.5 billion from all sources was invested in seed stage, which is 2002 levels. The accelerator runs 12 week sessions in spring and fall including weekly coaching and mentoring and weekly venture expert presentations. Sponsored by national corporations, no equity is taken. Candidates compete on Demo Night April 12 for a $30K non-dilutive cash award. Leadership, Brenda Lewis Principal Transactions Marketing Inc. and Leanna Lawter, Professorship of Entrepreneurship, Sacred Hear University.

Contact Info

Contact: Brenda Lewis

Street: 290 Harbor Drive

City: Stamford

State: CT

Zip: 06902

Phone: 203-358-8605


Website: TechXel Stamford







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