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Innovation Places


CTNext is a public/private network of entrepreneurs, mentors, service providers and others helping Connecticut’s most promising startups succeed and grow.

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If you are looking for public/private network of fellow entrepreneurs to help start your business.


The Innovation Places program seeks to support entrepreneurs and leaders developing places that will attract the talent high-growth enterprises need. Think of an area you can walk to, bike to or take a train to where your mind comes alive with possibilities; where you run into brilliant people solving big problems and inventing new technology; where the sidewalks and cafes are full of conversation; where art events and music venues brim with people making new friends and a place full of ideas.

Such places attract talent like magnets. And they produce new solutions, products, and businesses that create jobs, high-skill, mid-skill and low-skill jobs, quickly. Young people and innovative organizations want to be in dense, vibrant, walkable places with public transportation and a mix of uses. Enterprises often grow quickly in areas with anchor institutions and where cutting edge research is taking place. Innovation Places are a part of the solution.

Contact Info

Contact: Tamyra Davis

Street: 865 Brook Street

City: Rocky Hill

State: CT

Zip: 06067

Phone: 860-258-7858


Website: CTNext Innovation Places







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